Sunday, December 18, 2011

Project 2: Don't Cover Up Your Personality!

Show your personality on the cover of your sketchbook!  Paint, collage...however you choose to do show us a bit of what makes you...YOU!

 Glittery/Artsy/Poetic/Scrapbookish/Snoopy-yep, that's me!
Julie Fritz

Faith, Family,Nature,Art, Turtles, Big Eyes...enough said!
By Ted Edinger
Janet Malone
glass seed beads encased in resin

Fabric, beads, leather cord, decorative papers (inside)
Seemingly simple, but you can't judge a sketchbook by it's cover.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Project 1: Animal Mash-Up

...combine two or more animals to create a unique new creature...

by Ted Edinger (aka Mr. E)
pencil/black pen/watercolor pencils

Catfish posted by Tischann
marker and sharpie highlighters (materials this ol' grad school gal had laying around).

"subconscious combination"
posted by sara w.  inspiration for this bunny/wolf combo came from years past!--remember?

 Penguin Bunny, Pastel- Julie Fritz

Colored Pencil
by Janet Malone