Saturday, November 26, 2011

Project 1: Animal Mash-Up

...combine two or more animals to create a unique new creature...

by Ted Edinger (aka Mr. E)
pencil/black pen/watercolor pencils

Catfish posted by Tischann
marker and sharpie highlighters (materials this ol' grad school gal had laying around).

"subconscious combination"
posted by sara w.  inspiration for this bunny/wolf combo came from years past!--remember?

 Penguin Bunny, Pastel- Julie Fritz

Colored Pencil
by Janet Malone


  1. So I thought we were taking the break off and starting this thing in Jan. - evidently my hearing is still on the bus... or Ted is more with it than I am... or any # of possibilities!

  2. My brain will function better after our winter holiday-I too thought it was a new challenge for a new year... but I look forward to getting my creative juices flowing soon.

  3. I just wanted to get started early...we did say January, but I had some time over break..which I may not have a lot after break.

  4. I'm now in this with Ted, my first grad class finished Monday and the next one starts on January 3rd... plus... inspiration struck and I had to go with it. My first inclination was to make butter fly - but that only happes when you throw it and besides, butter is not an animal. So voila - a cat fish...

  5. Sara was looking at that hunk of wood last week in the basement. Your version might be better

  6. the bunny penguin!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. @ Julie
    Love the sketch... would you call it a benguin or a punny?

  8. Janet- I started with a Giraffe, and just couldn't make it work- love yours.

  9. Janet---I love the tape and nails