Sunday, March 4, 2012

March Sketchabration

Our first collective, observational sketch.  We met, we sketched, we conquered...
The glamorous sketch girls, seen here with their sketchbooks... ready to take on the challenge.
Ted, devious blog mastermind, posing with his sketchbook.
And, Joel, ninja warrior of sketching... taking a break for a photo opp of his view.

 Everyone hard at work!(kind of)

It was a terrific sunny afternoon at the state capitol.  We pulled up a piece of limestone commemorating our state's heritage and began sketching our view.  Throughout the next hour, we were serenaded by  bell towers which encircled our sketch location.  We also were chatted up by a visitor from the nearby army base who wanted to join our sketching club.  All-in-all, a great experience we may incorporate into our sketch repertoire.
My View by Tischann
Felt tip marker, and colored pencil wash
Julie-An Abstraction of the Capitol- Crayola Pipsqueaks

Capital View by Ted Edinger
by:  sara w.
pen and watercolor

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  1. All of you "Gang Members" are such an inspiration to an old broad like me. I wish so badly that I had a cohesive group of art teachers like yourselves to get together with for so much fun and merriment! I am only one of 5 Elementary art teachers in my district and I can't get them to do anything outside of school together. Are there any job openings in Nashville? Ha!